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Quick Facts
Melee, Ranged, Siege, Enraged

Tributes are rodent-like creatures who are born to battle, and are prepared to die, on the Vale Of Redemption. There are four types of lane Tributes, as well as Jungle Critters.

For reference on Tribute gold value: Gold Income

Melee Tributes[edit | edit source]

Melee tributes are simply tributes that attack up-close with short-ranged weapons (a mace). Melee tributes from both team share the same appearance however have different coloured fur that matches the teams that they represent (eg. The blue team has blue-furred tributes). Melee tributes have significantly more health than ranged tributes and are constantly fighting on the front-line. However, they deal less damage than any other tribute.

Ranged Tributes[edit | edit source]

Ranged tribute fight from a distance and wield ranged weapons (a magic staff). They deal significantly more damage than melee tributes, however they have less health. They also grant the least gold upon being killed by a Contestants. Much like melee tributes, ranged tributes look the same in appearance as their opponents apart from the colour of their fur.

Siege Tributes[edit | edit source]

Siege tributes are tortoise-like monsters that only spawn once per minute (unlike Ranged or Melee tributes). They have both increased health and attack, making them ideal for assisting in destroying the opponent's lane-towers, as they can block a lot of the tower's hits and deal a significant amount to the enemy waves and structures. Siege tributes use ranged attacks when in combat and grant more gold than Ranged Tributes upon being slain by enemy Contestants.

Enraged Tributes[edit | edit source]

Enragedtribute orange.png

Enraged Tributes are bulky and powerful beasts. They have the most health and deal the most damage out of any other tribute on the Vale. They can only be obtained by destroying an enemy Suppressor, which will cause the team's Gyro to spawn them in place of the Siege Tributes.

Enraged Tributes allow the team to put pressure on the enemy's lane as regular Tributes are not able to fend off the destruction of an Enraged Tribute. However, they will stop spawning after 5 minutes when the enemy Suppressor respawns.

Jungle Critters[edit | edit source]


Within the jungle lies a variety of neutral Jungle Critters. There are two types: Minotaur-like beasts who fight at close-range and goat-like mages who fight from a distance. Slaying these critters will provide the Contestant with Gold and Experience.

Some experienced players choose to earn their gold and experience income solely through jungle critters. These players are called 'junglers' and will often take the Decimate.png Decimate Relic with them as it helps to kill jungle critters easily and efficiently.

The location of each group of Jungle Critter location is referred to as a “camp.” There are three camps on each side of the jungle. Two of them are Small Camps and one is a Large Camp. Large Camps contain more critters and are therefore tougher to deal with, especially at earlier levels of the battle.