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A player selecting a relic

Relics are abilities that allow the player to assist their chosen Contestant on the Vale Of Redemption

Relics can be selected whilst preparing for battle. By simply clicking on the icon of the relic shown, it will open up the menu of relics available to you. A player may only select one relic to aid them in battle, with each relic providing a different ability.

The effectiveness of some relics increase as you level up in-game, while others maintain the same effect throughout the length of the match. Relics do not have any cost but have some of the most longest cooldowns in the game.

Available Relics[edit | edit source]

The availability of relics is determined by the player's level. Upon completion of the Fates Forever tutorial, the player reaches level 2 and unlocks two relics. As the player reaches new levels, they are rewarded with new relics up until level 32.

Relic Description Level Cooldown Duration


Passive: Killing a tribute restores a small amount of health.

Active: Instantly heal yourself and half of that to nearby allies.

2 165 Seconds Instant

Passive: Killing a tribute restores a small amount of mana.

Active: Instantly restores mana to yourself and nearby allies.

2 165 Seconds Instant

Passive: Damage dealt to jungle critters is increased.

Active: Deals a large amount of true damage to target tribute or jungle critter.

5 155 Seconds Instant



Passive: Movement speed increased by a small amount.

Active: Significantly increases movement speed for a short period of time.


Passive: Recall cast time is reduced by 1 second.

Active: Quick Recall - return to base with a 3 second recall.

11 3 seconds



Increases movement speed, attack speed, health regeneration, and mana regeneration for a short period of time. 14



Removes all crowd control effects on you (stuns, slow, ensnares, etc), and reduces further effects for a few seconds. 17
Safeguard.pngSafeguard Damage taken for the next few seconds is significantly reduced. 20


Fire and Fury

For a short period of time, your basic attacks deal bonus true damage. 23


Cold and Concentrated

For a short period of time, your damage reduces your targets movement speed and attack speed. 26
Ghostly Execution
Haunts target enemy player with a poltergeist, reducing their health regeneration and healing effects received by half and increasing the damage they take for a few seconds. If that Contestant's health drops below critical, it will slay them. 29
Ancient Pulse
Instantly moves your Contestant to a target location. 32 Instant