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Added in Patch V2.2, Daily Quests are activities that are given to the player once every 24 hours once accepted. While you can only have up to 3 at once, you can work on multiple quests at once during a single game. While playing a game, you will get quest progress updates along the bottom of you tablet screen. Once completed, you will not receive the reward until you have completed the game (PVP or PVB). If you have received a quest that you do not want, you can tap the icon on the game's Home screen to get another quest. This action can be performed only once a day.

Daily Quest List[edit | edit source]

Here is an ongoing list of daily quests available to players in game.

Quest Name Quest Requirements Ore Amount Rewarded
Contestant's Conquest Win 3 Games as the Contestant 150 Ore.png
Contestant's Ultimatum Win 5 Games as the Contestant 250 Ore.png
I've Got Your Back Win 3 Co-op games 125 Ore.png
Master of Might Deal 100,000 Physical Damage 100 Ore.png
Shrine Devotion Capture 3 Shrines 75 Ore.png
Siege Master Destroy 5 Buildings 100 Ore.png
Spell Addict Use 200 Abilities 100 Ore.png
Annihilation Slay 12 Enemy Contestants 100 Ore.png