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Throughout the course of playing the game, you will run into multiple currencies. Each one has a specific function and purpose. Below are each of the currencies that you can accrue, how you can accrue them as well as their function within the game.

Gold[edit | edit source]

Gold is the in-game currency used to purchase items in the in-game shop. Each contestant begins the match with 575 Gold and obtains more passively, at a gradual pace, from the beginning of the match (when the first wave of tributes spawn) until one Gyro is destroyed.

Contestants may also obtain Gold manually by last-hitting tributes and jungler-critters, capturing shrines, destroying enemy towers and suppressors, and dealing fatal damage to enemy contestants.

Gathering Gold is a vital part of the game, as the team with the leading gold count will most likely hold stronger stats (from having purchased more items) and thus have an advantage against the enemy team.

Gold Income[edit | edit source]

Other than earning gold passively over the full duration of a match, the following table lists all possible ways of earning gold in battle:

Unit Gold Earned
Melee Tribute 60 Gold.png + 1 Gold.png per minute (after third minute)
Ranged Tribute 50 Gold.png + 3 Gold.png per minute (after third minute)
Siege Tribute 80 Gold.png + 2 Gold.png per minute (after third minute)
Enraged Tribute Unknown
Melee Jungle Critter 110 Gold.png + 2 Gold.png per minute (after third minute)
Ranged Jungle Critter 70 Gold.png + 1 Gold.png per minute (after third minute)
Shrine Bonus 5 Gold.png per unit
Tower 150 Gold.png gold per teammate
Suppressor None
Enemy Contestant (kill) 300 Gold.png
Enemy Contestant (assist) 150 Gold.png
Enemy Contestant (while on a spree) Unknown

See More: Item Value

Ore[edit | edit source]

Ore is one of the two forms of currency used in Fates Forever. Unlike Jade.png Jade, Ore is obtained as a reward after battling in matches, completing Daily Quests and leveling up your player level. Currently, Ore can only be used to purchase Contestants from the store.

A player will earn, on average, about 45-95 Ore per match, based on the match length and match type. The longer the match, the larger the Ore amount awarded at the end of the game, until the 95 Ore cap. Players will generally earn more ore in a PvP match, compared to other match types which include Bots.

Contestant Prices[edit | edit source]

Jade[edit | edit source]

Jade is a form of currency used in Fates Forever which is purchasable with real money. It is currently used to purchase Contestants from the store, which can also be purchased with Ore.png Ore.

Contestant Prices[edit | edit source]

Jade Price[edit | edit source]

USD to Jade conversion table:

Jade.png US $0.0173
US $1 57.7812 Jade.png

The following table shows the Jade bundles purchasable in the store:

Jade 375 Jade.png 796 Jade.png 1,615 Jade.png 2,885 Jade.png 4,151 Jade.png 8,654 Jade.png
US Dollar $6.49 $12.99 $24.99 $43.99 $64.99 $129.99
AU Dollar* $6.95 $13.90 $26.75 $47.10 $69.50 $139.00
GB Pounds* £3.80 £7.60 £14.60 £25.65 £37.95 £75.85
  • Currency conversions may change over time

Lore and Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Lore, and areas in gameplay, that involves Jade: